Creative, fun, screen-free activities for families to do. Together.

A Multi-Award Winning Family Game

Disconnect. Reconnect. And have some good old fashioned fun with this multi-award winning game! ToDo is a boxed collection of 30 different activities designed to help families spend more quality time together free from smart-phones, laptops and the TV.  Whilst there is an educational element that has been woven throughout, the primary focus is on creativity, imagination and the fostering of meaningful conversations between parents and their kids.  You don’t need to be lucky or talented to play, and there’s no right or wrong answers. It’s about having a go, laughing and learning.  Together. As a family.

30 Fun-Filled Activities

ToDo has been described as “a smart parenting tool” and a “winning formula for families”. The Family Edition caters for families with children aged between 5-13 years.  Whilst the Toddler Edition suits families with children aged 2-4. There are 30 activities presented in a stylish, beautifully designed box. It’s the perfect gift for mum, dad  & the kids or makes an ideal present for the whole family! It’s also a thoughtful new way of saying ‘Thank you’, great to keep the kids occupied during school break and a must to pack in the suitcase when heading off on vacation.

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ToDo – Family Edition

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For families with children aged 5-13.

A collection of creative, fun, screen-free activities for families to do. Together.

It's easy to play – just pick a card at random out of the box just like a lucky dip – and follow the instructions! Each activity takes between 20 minutes to an hour and can be played over and over again.

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